Antigonish Business Directory

Antigonish serves as the retail and service sector heart of Eastern Nova Scotia. You can find an impressive array of services and shops in located throughout Antigonish Town & County.

Basic Listing Antigonish Chateau Inns(902) 863-4871
Sponsor Listing Antigonish Evergreen Inn(902) 863-0830Inn
Basic Listing Antigonish Harbour Pat’s B&B(902) 863-6066
Sponsor Listing Antigonish Victorian Inn(902) 863-1103Inn
Basic Listing Azelia Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast(902) 863-4262
Basic Listing Bekkers Bed and Breakfast(902) 863-3194
Sponsor Listing Blue Tin Roof Bed and Breakfast(902) 867-3560Bed and Breakfast
Basic Listing Clanranald Tourist Suite(902) 863-6637
Sponsor Listing Claymore Inn & Suites(902) 863-1050Inn
Sponsor Listing Coastal Inn(902) 863-3730Inn
Basic Listing Cove Motel(902) 747-2700
Sponsor Listing Fisherman Crossing Bed ‘n’ Breakfast(902) 863-8022Bed and Breakfast
Sponsor Listing Homeward Inns(902) 863-4212Inn
Basic Listing June’s B&B By The Sea(902)-863-2115
Sponsor Listing Maritime Inn Antigonish(902) 863-4001Inn
Basic Listing McCarrons B&B(902) 863-4709
Basic Listing Microboutique Living(902) 863-4733
Sponsor Listing Morrison’s Bed & Breakfast(902) 863-5103Bed and Breakfast
Sponsor Listing Oasis Motel & Campground(902) 863-3557Campground
Basic Listing Ocean Front Shanties(902) 867-1985
Basic Listing Piping Plover Bed and Breakfast(866) 886-2491
Sponsor Listing Pomquet Beach Cottages(855) 240-2487Cottages
Basic Listing Rouden Daach Bed and Breakfast(902) 867-6047
Sponsor Listing Seascape Cottages(902) 386-2825Cottages
Basic Listing The Carpenter’s Mrs. Bed and Breakfast(902) 863-5983
Basic Listing The Rose and Thistle Bed & Breakfast(902) 735-2225
Basic Listing Whidden Park Campground(902) 863-3736
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Basic Listing Antigonish Golf and Country Club(902) 863-4797
Sponsor Listing Arisaig Provincial Park                     Natural Park
Sponsor Listing Beaver Mountain Park                     Natural Park
Sponsor Listing Cape George Trail                     Walking Trail
Sponsor Listing Columbus Field                     Recreational Park
Sponsor Listing Fairmount Ridge Trail                     Walking Trail
Sponsor Listing Pomquet Beach                     Beach
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Beauty & Hair Care
Basic Listing Bliss Hair Boutique(902) 971-0280
Sponsor Listing Den Mar Hair Care(902) 863-4900Hair Care
Basic Listing Essential Elements Hair(902) 870-2556
Sponsor Listing Gold Dust Tanning(902) 735-8267Tanning Salon
Basic Listing Hair Focus Design Centre(902) 863-5215
Basic Listing Henry’s Hairstyling(902) 863-4909
Basic Listing Nice Nails(902) 735-5311
Basic Listing Vivid Hair & Body(902) 867-2888
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Basic Listing A&W(902) 867-1071
Basic Listing Boston Pizza(902) 867-3444
Sponsor Listing Brownstone Cafe(902) 735-3225Restaurant
Basic Listing Dairy Queen(902) 863-2330
Sponsor Listing DreamCatchers Deli & Treats(902) 863-1300Restaurant
Basic Listing Easting Bakery
Sponsor Listing Gabrieau’s(902) 863-1925Fine Dining
Basic Listing Greco Pizza(902) 863-2200
Sponsor Listing Justamere Cafe & Bistro(902) 735-3353Restaurant
Basic Listing Kenny’s Pizza(902) 735-1800
Sponsor Listing Main Street Cafe(902) 863-4001Restaurant
Basic Listing McDonalds(902) 863-4484
Basic Listing Moonlight Restaurant(902) 863-3667
Basic Listing Mother Webb’s Steak House(902) 863-3809
Sponsor Listing Myers’ Tea Room(902) 863-4293Restaurant
Basic Listing Piper’s Pub(902) 863-2590
Basic Listing Pizza Delight(902) 863-3111
Basic Listing Sense of Japan(902) 735-3170
Basic Listing Snappy Tomato(902) 863-1212
Basic Listing Snow Queen Restaurant(902) 863-4890
Basic Listing Split Crow(902) 863-1957
Basic Listing Subway(902) 863-8373
Sponsor Listing The Prissy Pig(902) 863-8179Restaurant
Basic Listing The Tall and Small Cafe(902) 863-4682
Basic Listing The Townhouse Pub(902) 863-2248
Basic Listing The Wheel(902) 863-4565
Basic Listing The X Burger(902) 735-3599
Basic Listing Tim Hortons(902) 863-2244
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Education and Employment Services
Non-Profit Listing Antigonish Career Resource Centre(902) 863-8244Career Services
Basic Listing Antigonish Education Centre (SRSB)(902) 867-8800
Basic Listing Antigonish Guysborough Early Childhood Intervention(902) 863-2298
Basic Listing Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School (SRSB)(902) 863-1620
Basic Listing L’École Acadienne de Pomquet(902) 386-5700
Basic Listing St. Andrew Junior School (SRSB)(902) 863-3046
Basic Listing St. Andrew’s Consolidated School (SRSB)(902) 863-2512
Basic Listing St. Francis Xavier University(902) 863-3300
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Non-Profit Listing Antigonight: Art After Dark Festival                          Annual Art Festival
Non-Profit Listing Antigonish Art Fair                          Annual Art Sale
Non-Profit Listing Antigonish Farmers’ Market                          Locally made goods
Non-Profit Listing Antigonish Winter Market(902) 863-5791Locally Made Goods
Non-Profit Listing Eastern NS Exhibition                          Annual Fair
Non-Profit Listing Evolve Music Festival                          Music Venue
Non-Profit Listing Festival Antigonish                          Live Theatre
Non-Profit Listing GoArts, The Gathering of the Arts                          Art Gallery
Non-Profit Listing Highland Games Sidewalk Fair(902) 318-5241Annual Fair
Non-Profit Listing Kilted Golf Tournament                          Golf Event
Non-Profit Listing NAPA Sportsman Series                          Racing Event
Non-Profit Listing The Highland Games                          Cultural Event
Non-Profit Listing Theatre Antigonish                          Live Theatre
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Farmers & Producers
Basic Listing Admiral Bayfield’s Garden’s(902) 386-2481
Basic Listing Brook Ridge Farm(902) 863-6087
Basic Listing Cornect Family Farm(902) 833-2747
Basic Listing Debbie Fougere Preserves(902) 232-2484
Basic Listing Farmasea Co-op Inc.(902) 386-2474
Basic Listing Forever Green Organic Farm & Gardens(902) 863-7845
Basic Listing Gemms From Forest & Farm(902) 863-5928
Basic Listing Glen Hill Berry Farm(902) 783-2787
Basic Listing Haveracres Farm(902) 863-3929
Basic Listing Knoydart Farm Ltd.(902) 867-1305
Basic Listing La Dolce Terra(902) 863-5586
Basic Listing MacIntosh Pure Maple Syrup(902) 863-6807
Basic Listing Merigomish Market Gardens(902) 926-2116
Basic Listing Rose Cottage Garden(902) 867-1587
Basic Listing Terry Taylor Farm(902) 783-2530
Basic Listing Tony Overmars Farm(902) 863-4480
Basic Listing Tony’s Meats(902) 863-1545
Basic Listing Venedam Berry Farm(902) 572-2002
Basic Listing Wild and Blue Farms Ltd.(902) 232-3447
Basic Listing Wild Orchid Farm(902) 863-8865
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Sponsor Listing Andsly Jewelry Creations(902) 867-1134Jewellery
Basic Listing Aphrodite Art & Fashion(902) 863-0606
Basic Listing Botica Clothing(902) 863-0203
Sponsor Listing Cameron’s Jewellery(902) 863-1283Jewellery
Basic Listing City Streets(902) 863-6655
Basic Listing Eclipse(902) 863-1265
Sponsor Listing Fashion Frenzies(902) 863-8099Used Clothing
Sponsor Listing Lilybelle Designs(902) 867-1640Children's Clothing
Basic Listing Mark’s Work Warehouse(902) 863-9255
Basic Listing Oak Manor(902) 863-4246
Basic Listing Peoples Jewellers(902) 863-6983
Basic Listing Pseudio(902) 863-2580
Basic Listing Retimans(902) 863-2699
Sponsor Listing Trendys(902) 867-1436Clothing
Sponsor Listing Unique Boutique(902) 863-4910Clothing
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Garages, Automotive Sales & Service
Basic Listing Keltic Motors(902) 863-2771
Basic Listing Andy’s Tire Shop Ltd.(902) 863-4450
Basic Listing Ron Macgillivray Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd(902) 863-2803
Basic Listing Apple Auto Glass(902) 872-1540
Basic Listing Henry’s Service Centre Ltd.(902) 863-2819
Basic Listing Sullivan’s Auto Service(902) 735-6090
Sponsor Listing DeWolfe Auto Body & Towing(902) 863-5418Vehicle Repair
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General Services
Basic Listing Admiral Glass & Signs(902) 863-2188
Basic Listing Antigonish Arena(902) 863-1469
Sponsor Listing Antigonish Dog Centre – Home of Happy Dogs(902) 867-3647Dog Care
Basic Listing Antigonish Green Clean(902) 318-0056
Basic Listing Antigonish Sandblasting & Industrial Coatings(902) 318-4246
Basic Listing Antigonish Self Storage(902) 863-7719
Basic Listing Antigonish Veterinary Clinic(902) 863-3157
Basic Listing Bell Aliant(902) 863-9216
Basic Listing BioNovations Inc.(902) 863-7155
Basic Listing C.A. Smith Mechanical Ltd.(902) 863-4096
Sponsor Listing Campbell’s Tree Care(902) 318-8733Arborist
Basic Listing Charles Worth Trucking(902) 318-4872
Basic Listing Cineplex Theatres Antigonish(902) 863-4646
Basic Listing Delorey Land Surveys Inc.(902) 863-8767
Basic Listing Earth Wise Pressure Washing(902) 870-9274
Basic Listing Econo-Wash & Vac Ltd(902) 863-0655
Basic Listing Fashions ‘n Fabrics(902) 863-2313
Basic Listing Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters(902) 863-1128
Basic Listing HollisWealth902-863-9347
Basic Listing Hooked On Bluefin Tuna Charters(902) 227-5913
Sponsor Listing J.S. MacDonald Financial Services(902) 735-3011Financial Services
Sponsor Listing Jamieson’s Music Studio(902) 735-2658Music Lessons
Basic Listing MacInnis Bluefin Tuna Charters(902) 863-1509
Sponsor Listing Mobile Shrink Wrapping(902) 870-5915Storage and Wrapping
Basic Listing Noremac Tires(902) 735-8473
Basic Listing Nova Construction Co. Ltd.(902) 863-4004
Basic Listing Out and About Nova Scotia(902) 968-0034
Basic Listing Pins Bowling Center(902) 863-2695
Basic Listing Pleasant Valley Nurseries(902) 863-1072
Basic Listing Post Road’s Pet Savvy Salon902-863-6357
Basic Listing Postech Northern(902) 968-1200
Basic Listing R.J. MacIsaac Construction(902) 863-0113
Basic Listing Regal Gifts Antigonish(902) 863-1748
Basic Listing Ron MacGillivray Accounting Services(902) 863-5377
Basic Listing ServiceMaster Restore(902) 870-0585
Basic Listing Steelmac Ltd.(902) 863-1788
Basic Listing Stephen White Financial Services(902) 863-4201
Sponsor Listing Steven’s Bluefin Tuna Charters(902) 870-2240Boat Charters
Basic Listing Zappa Tuna Charters(902) 870-4810
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Health & Wellness
Sponsor Listing Antigonish Family Dentistry(902) 863-3450Dentist Office
Basic Listing Asana Yoga and Massage(902) 735-7355
Basic Listing Better Bodies by Massage(902) 863-0445
Basic Listing Dietitians on the Go(902) 867-2801
Basic Listing Family 1st Medical(902) 863-8178
Basic Listing GASHA Health Connections(902) 863-7369
Basic Listing Haliburton PharmaChoice(902) 863-6060
Sponsor Listing Highland Hearing Clinic Ltd.(902) 863-0633Hearing Clinic
Basic Listing MacKinnon Pharmasave(902) 863-3040
Sponsor Listing McCarron’s Massage & Wellness Centre(902) 863-4173Massage Centre
Sponsor Listing The Joys of Health & Wellness(902) 867-3434Massage Centre
Sponsor Listing Vogue Optical(902) 863-2002Optical
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Hobby, Craft & Art
Sponsor Listing A Matter of Tastes(902) 863-5407Artwork & Framing
Sponsor Listing Down To Earth Art Gallery(902) 863-3255Artwork & Framing
Sponsor Listing Lyghtesome Gallery(902) 863-5804Artwork & Framing
Sponsor Listing Old Barn Gallery(902) 386-2304Gallery & Antiques
Basic Listing Regina Marzlin Fibre Art(902) 735 5442
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Housing & Real Estate
Sponsor Listing ENM Heating & Inspections(902) 318-1433Heating Installation
Sponsor Listing Highland Home Building Centre(902) 863-6242Building Materials
Sponsor Listing Kim Silver, Realtor ®(902) 870-4029Realtor
Sponsor Listing Len Robertson, Realtor ®(902) 867-7296Realtor
Sponsor Listing Marilyn Dugas, Realtor ®(902) 625-3228Realtor
Basic Listing Prudential Highland Properties(902) 863-1878
Basic Listing Room In A Day(902) 863-8471
Basic Listing Sceles Realty Ltd.(902) 863-1446
Sponsor Listing Smith & Fraser(902) 863-2502New Home Retailer
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Internet, Computer & Communications
Basic Listing Caber Technology Solutions(902) 863-7680
Basic Listing Clever Computer Solutions(902) 870-9045
Sponsor Listing Computable Computer Services(902) 872-0766Computer Services
Basic Listing Computer Connection Ltd.(902) 863-3361
Sponsor Listing Eckova Film and Media Production(902) 968-0034Media Training
Basic Listing Highland Multimedia(902) 735-3040
Basic Listing Lin Design Studio(902) 488-1448
Sponsor Listing 735-3000Computer Services
Basic Listing Rogers Wireless – Motion Communications(902) 863-5888
Sponsor Listing Simply Ducky(902) 735-5251Web Design & Print
Sponsor Listing Site to Site Computers(902) 863-0914Computer Services
Basic Listing UpFront Technology Consulting(902) 863-2434
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Lawyers and Legal Professionals
Basic Listing Boudrot Rodgers Law Offices(902) 863-2100
Basic Listing Crown Attorneys’ Office(902) 863-5623
Basic Listing Duncan J Chisholm(902) 863-2900
Basic Listing MacIntosh & MacGillivray(902) 863-4805
Basic Listing Meehan William F(902) 863-3136
Basic Listing Morrow Coline Law Office(902) 863-3219
Basic Listing Nova Scotia Legal Aid(902) 863-3350
Basic Listing Shannon Stephenson(902) 863-2491
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Places of Worship and Religious Organizations
Basic Listing Antigonish Right to Life(902) 863-6636
Basic Listing Holy Cross Parish(902) 386-2382
Basic Listing Immaculate Conception(902) 386-2810
Basic Listing Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall(902) 863-6873
Basic Listing Saint Ninian Cathedral Parish(902) 863-2338
Basic Listing Sisters of St. Martha(902) 863-3113
Basic Listing St. Andrew Parish(902) 863-4846
Basic Listing St. Columba Parish(902) 863-2811
Basic Listing St. James United Church(902) 863-2001
Basic Listing St. Margaret of Scotland Parish(902) 863-2388
Basic Listing St. Patrick Parish(902) 783-2631
Basic Listing St. Paul the Apostle(902) 863-5089
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Printing & Photographic
Sponsor Listing Jeanious Graphic Design(902) 318-2500Graphic Design
Sponsor Listing Jolene Chisholm Photos(902) 386-2780Photography
Sponsor Listing Laughing Lobster Photography(902) 867-0313Photography
Basic Listing Lin Design Studio(902) 488-1448
Basic Listing Scope Digital Media(902) 318-0567
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Provincial, Municipal & Town Organizations
Basic Listing Access Nova Scotia800-898-7668
Basic Listing Antigonish Chamber of Commerce(902) 863-6308
Basic Listing Antigonish County Recreation Department(902) 863-1141
Basic Listing Community Liaison Committee(902) 422-8088
Basic Listing Municipality of the County of Antigonish(902) 863-1117
Basic Listing Nova Scotia Legal Aid(902) 863-3350
Basic Listing Town of Antigonish(902) 863-2351
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Basic Listing Antigonish Kids Corner
Non-Profit Listing Antigonish Town and County Library: People’s Place(902) 863-4276Library
Non-Profit Listing Ca-r-ma                          Wild Cat Care
Non-Profit Listing Deans                          Tourism
Non-Profit Listing Health Connections(902) 863-7369Health Information
Non-Profit Listing Highland Connect                          Local Event Listings
Non-Profit Listing L’Arche(902) 863-5000Special Needs Services
Non-Profit Listing Naomi Society(902) 863-3807Violence Counseling
Non-Profit Listing Nova                          Travel Planning
Non-Profit Listing Visitor Information Centre(902) 863-4921Local Information
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Sponsor Listing Antigonish 5¢ to $1(902) 863-2571General Store
Basic Listing Antigonish Farm & Garden Co-op(902) 863-1436
Basic Listing Atlantic Super Store(902) 863-6711
Sponsor Listing Authentic Seacoast Company(902) 533-2078Food Producer
Sponsor Listing Bennett’s Market & Bakery(902) 863-3501Bakery
Sponsor Listing Brendan’s Fairway(902) 863-5583General Store
Basic Listing Brosha’s Short Stoppe(902) 863-3079
Basic Listing Canadian Tire(902) 863-4753
Basic Listing Cleve’s Source for Sports(902) 863-6550
Basic Listing Coles Book Store(902) 863-8320
Basic Listing Dollarama(902) 863-5237
Basic Listing Downtown Convenience(902) 863-2057
Basic Listing Elm Gardens(902) 863-3492
Basic Listing Encore Consignment(902) 863-0739
Basic Listing Highland Basics(902) 863-4754
Sponsor Listing Leaves & Limbs(902) 735-3800Outdoor Supplies
Basic Listing M&M Meat Shop(902) 735-3232
Sponsor Listing MacDonald’s Convenience Store(902) 863-2426Convenience Store
Basic Listing Marie’s Flowers Ltd(902) 863-2032
Basic Listing Needs Convenience Store(902) 863-1864
Basic Listing One Stop Pet Shop(902) 863-1215
Sponsor Listing Paws ‘n’ Claws(902) 863-2379Pet Store
Basic Listing Redline Sport & Cycle(902) 735-5500
Basic Listing Refreshingly Pure Water Villa(902) 863-0655
Basic Listing S & L Bakery(902) 863-5090
Basic Listing Sears(902) 863-1520
Basic Listing Shoppers Drug Mart(902) 863-6522
Basic Listing Sobeys(902) 863-6022
Basic Listing Spice of Life Natural Products(902) 867-2616
Basic Listing Staples(902) 863-6787
Basic Listing Sunflower Natural Foods(902) 863-1194
Sponsor Listing The Made In Nova Scotia Store(902) 867-2642Local Goods
Basic Listing The Plum Tree Gift Shoppe(902) 735-7586
Basic Listing Vicmar Shoe & Leather Clinic(902) 863-0036
Basic Listing Walmart(902) 867-1279
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Taxis & Transportation
Basic Listing Antigonish Seniors CARE Van(902) 863-1855
Basic Listing M&M Taxi(902) 863-6666
Basic Listing Myers Shuttle(902) 338-2807
Basic Listing N.S. Construction Carriers Limited(902) 338-2676
Basic Listing R-MAC Taxi & Limousine Service(902) 867-0077
Basic Listing Student Taxi(902) 863-2122
Basic Listing Tartan Taxi(902) 872-0720
Basic Listing Wheels In Wheels(902) 338-0196
Basic Listing Zinck’s Taxi(902) 863-4944
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