Hawthorne Convenience

Located at 201 Hawthorne Street, Hawthorne Convenience serves the town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia – home to St. Francis Xavier University. The largest convenience store in town, Hawthorne Convenience also carries the widest array of goods and is proud to have been serving the local community since 1987. At Hawthorne Convenience we are proud to boast that we are open 365 days a year and in over 23 years of operation we have never been closed a single day!

201 Hawthorne Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 1E2

Hawthorne Convenience carries a line of grocery staples ready to help you with those last minute emergencies or that quick meal to go. With everything from crackers to canned fruit, from fresh milk to instant noodles, we have something for everyone.

What would a convenience store be without snacks? Hawthorne Convenience carries a wide array of snacks and treats that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds along with magazines, newspapers and more!

Using an on-site reverse osmosis water purification system, Hawthorne Convenience is able to provide fresh, chilled, crystal-clear water. Bring your own refillable container in, or pick one up in the store.

Hawthorne Convenience sells a wide selection of supplies and equipment for the outdoorsman. For those families enjoying a well earned vacation, Hawthorne Convenience carries a wide selection of insect repellents and insect killers should any bugs decide to follow you indoors. Going for a barbecue? No problem! Hawthorne Convenience has you covered with on site propane tank exchange as well as more traditional charcoal briquet’s and camp stove propane cylinders as well as disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins.

Hawthorne Convenience is proud to carry the Mr. Fly line of outdoor sporting equipment for our customer. Mr. Fly carries equipment and supplies for every major hunting and fishing season in the province.

Hawthorne Convenience is also home to the S & L Bakery!

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