Notes on Adding or Updating Listings

The Visit Antigonish project is designed to facilitate an easy to navigate, simple business directory with full map support for all of Antigonish.

  • Organization names must be accurate and may not include promotional words or slogans not in the business name (e.g. – ‘cheap’, ‘super fast’, ‘best in town’).
  • Each organization can be listed in one category only.
  • We reserve the right to determine the category you are placed in based on your preferred category, description, and the current makeup of the directory.
  • Listings must have a physical presence, office, or satellite branch¬†within Antigonish.
  • Please allow up to one business day for your listing to appear on the directory.

More on Multiple Categories for Listings

Locations that contain two or more separate businesses have expressed concern that a single category for their operation severely limits their appeal to potential visitors. This is obviously an issue for a location that may contain a cafe alongside a garage, or a location with a restaurant and a gift shop. Such a bundling of two or more businesses under one roof is not an uncommon one in rural Nova Scotia and for those locations using a detailed listing we have ensured that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for that listing reflects that. We strongly recommend that such businesses select a title, description, and category that reflects the operation for which they are best known.

If it is imperative that you be listed under two or more categories then you must create a separate listing for each category. Each listing must represent a completely separate operation and not simply a different facet of your business. These additional listings may be either a basic listing (which is free) or a detailed listing (available for $40 + HST). Each listing must contain unique content and not simply be a duplicate of another.

We reserve the right to reject outright additional listings that do not meet the above requirements.